Our Destinations

Our Destinations

We offer destination management and incoming services in the alpine region of the german speaking countries: Austria, Switzerland and Bavaria (southern part of Germany)  

The charming little country Austria, whose capital Vienna ranks highest for quality of living in the world (Mercer Quality of Living Survey) offers historical, cultural and natural highlights that make it every visit worth any time of the year.

We have the most popular winter destinations with the fabulous ski villages in Tirol, in Salzburg or in Vorarlberg, the world famous New Years and Summer Night concerts, alpine landscapes with breathtakeable natural beauty, such a special, naturally and historically unique cities as Innsbruck and Salzburg and first of all friendly inhabitants, safety and tidiness.  

Our main destinations in Switzerland are the bigger cities with international airport like Zürich or Geneve. In the wintertime Switzerland offers good opportunities for incentive ski trips - not very far away from the bigger airports with direct flights from all over Europe. With our help you can find good hotels and quality services also for shorter stay.

Bavaria and its biggest city and capital Munich is a good choice for meetings or for leisure groups too, it is easy to combine also with a trip to Austria. Good infrastructure, nice ski destinations offering also good group hotels, short way to the austrian ski villages or to famous bavarian historical sights such as the Eagle´s Nest or the Palace of Neuschwanstein.